OPA Listservs

OPA operates two list serves to communicate with the membership. The OPAMEM service is an email exchange restricted exclusively to OPA members. It is often cited by members as one of the most prized membership benefits. It is an interactive platform that encourages members to share ideas and information about scientific and professional matters, learn about job and research opportunities, brainstorm solutions to vexing dilemmas and find colleagues to provide services for their clients.

The OPA Announcements list serve provides the OPA Board of Directors and staff with a vehicle to communicate quickly and effectively with OPA members. This service is a broadcast platform used to inform the membership of important developments or updates regarding Board decisions, policy matters, issues that effect the profession, advocacy matters and issues of interest. It is the official formal communications device for the Board to the membership.

If you are an OPA member and would like to join the listserv please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  phone 416-961-5552 ext. 200.

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